2 people injured in Iowa collision incident

Two people in Iowa recently suffered injuries after the tractor they were riding on was involved in an accident, kcrg.com reported on August 15.

Reports provided by the Prairie City Fire Department said the accident happened on August 14 when a tractor containing two people was rear-ended by a pickup truck near the city. Assistant Fire Chief Tony Mosher stated that the tractor’s operator and other occupant were brought to a hospital in Des Moines due to serious injuries they sustained in the accident. The injuries are reported to be non-life-threatening.

The driver that crashed into the tractor did not suffer injuries. The identifications of all of the people involved in the crash were not released by authorities.

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Forbes names Des Moines as Best City For Young Professionals

The state capital of Iowa has been named the best city for young professionals to live in, according to Forbes Magazine.

Des Moines, Iowa tops the list due to it’s high ratio of businesses to residents as well as low business costs. There is approximately one large corporation in Des Moines per every 568 residents. This ratio will help job seeking young professionals earn a spot in the business world at a more favorable rate.

Business costs in Des Moines are 16 percent lower than the national average. This drastic difference can be attributed to companies relocating to the area as well as numerous start up companies opening.

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Des Moines man injured in crash in Kane County

On Saturday at 3:50pm, Ryan J. Siebenbrodt, 30, of Des Moines, was flown from the scene of a crash where his Chevrolet Impala collided with an empty semi-trailer.

Siebenbrodt was cut out of his car by the rescue team at Main Street and County Line Road in unincorporated Kaneville Township in Kane County.  He was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, and is in good condition.  Walter J. Seilheimer, 66, of Sandwich, IL was the driver of the semitrailer, and was not injured.

According to police, the crash is still under investigation and details will be disclosed at a later time.

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Iowa City woman taken to hospital after accident

A woman was injured in a Iowa car accident after her vehicle collided with a pickup truck on Highway 1 in Iowa City.

According to police, the accident occurred when the woman was driving her PT Cruiser east on the highway when the pickup truck was pulling out of the driveway and collided with the vehicle.

Police have said that the foggy conditions may have something to do with the accident occurring because it created limited sight for the driver of the pickup. The truck driver did not suffer any major injuries and the extent of the woman’s injuries are unknown at this time.

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One-vehicle accident near Iowa border injures two

A one-vehicle accident on the border of Iowa and South Dakota left two people injured.

The accident occurred on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. when the vehicle was traveling down the curvy roadway and missed the turn causing the car to strike a tree.

Authorities responded to the accident that occurred on 57th Street and Highway 11 and found that both the driver and passenger were injured in the accident. They were both transported to the hospital, but their current conditions are unknown. Officials are continuing to investigate the accident.

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Teen ,15, charged after pedestrian accident

A 15-year-old teen has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury after he struck a woman and fled the scene.

The accident occurred as a 72-year-old woman was crossing 27th Street after a football game. She was then struck by the teen while he continued to drive off.

She was then taken to the hospital to be treated for head injuries. The teen later told police that he was pretty sure that it was him that hit the woman because he remembered hearing a “thud” while he was driving.

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