NHTSA link faulty Takata airbag to fatal accident

A November 3 article of Fortune revealed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is linking defective Takata airbags to a recent vehicular accident in California that resulted in a fatality.

Information coming from the NHTSA revealed a woman, identified only as a 50-year-old in Riverside County, was riding in a Honda vehicle that was part of an investigation regarding exploding airbags. A spokesperson for the NHTSA recently expressed concern that automakers, including Honda, are reluctant to replace all the faulty airbags in their vehicles. In the U.S. alone, the hazardous airbags were associated with 11 fatalities. Takata agreed to recall their airbags after federal authorities discovered they could cause serious harm to vehicle occupants if the airbags burst. Namely, the airbags are liable to shoot metal bits from a broken inflator.

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Ford expands recall on vehicles with door latch issues

Approximately 1.5 million Ford vehicles are being included in a recall to fix a problem that could cause the doors to open during use, a September 8 article of KCCI 8 reported.

According to the American manufacturer, the inclusion of 1.5 million vehicles in the recall was demanded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Apparently, the doors of the affected vehicles could swing open during use or fail to close properly if its door latch spring tab is damaged. Previous and recent models of Focus, Escape, C-Max, Mustang, Lincoln MKC, and Transit Connect vehicles were believed to have been affected by the problem. Ford dealers are expected to notify vehicle owners for free door latch replacements.

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Worldwide Takata airbag defect sparks lawsuit

A class action lawsuit in Florida has been filed against Japan-based Takata Corp. and at least 10 vehicle manufacturers for allegedly allowing vehicles with potentially fatal airbag defects to remain in the market, BBC News reported October 28.

The lawsuit alleged Takata and the automakers such as Honda, Toyota, and General Motors, collectively stayed quiet and did not inform the public about potentially fatal airbags that could be equipped in certain vehicles. Upon the event of a vehicular accident, the defective airbag may scatter deadly metal bits to passengers. Multiple deaths and injuries have already been linked to the defective airbags.

Furthermore, an estimated eight million vehicles are being recalled due to the problem. Takata, however, estimated that nearly 12 million vehicles could eventually be involved in the recall.

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Thousands of GM vehicles faulty seat belts recalled

General Motors (GM) is recalling 48,114 Buick Encore SUVs and Cadillac ATS sedans due to a defective seat belt part that may endanger occupants during crash, GM Authority reported on September 17.

The recall documents stated that the seat belt pretensioner cables installed in the driver’s and front passenger’s seat of the affected vehicles may malfunction in certain situations. Occupants are at increased risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents because the lap belts may loosen rather than lock. GM stated that they will notify the owners of the affected vehicles once the replacement parts are available.

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Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Ford recalling vehicles

Three auto giant maker have reported problems with certain electronic vehicles and hybrids this month, resulting in several recalls.

A voluntary recall of around 87,000 Prius and Lexus cars with brake problems was announced by Toyota recently. Toyota said they will replace the brake booster pump assembly with an improved one for free.

Mitsubishi also recently issued recalls for 4,000 plug-in vehicles due to battery issues in their i-MiEV electric vehicle and Outlander plug-in hybrids.

Additionally, a glitch in which a “Stop Safely Now” light that reduces the car’s power was reported by Ford Focus owners.

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