Dunkin’ Donuts to expand in Des Moines, Iowa

The Des Moines truck accident lawyers of have learned that by 2016, there will be eight new Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Des Moines, Iowa.

The national company has teamed up with Lori Kelderman High and Jeff Kelderman, a brother and sister team who are from Des Moines. The duo is committed to establishing a community connection between the brand and the residents of the city.

Two of the eight stores will be opened in 2013, with the remaining six opening their doors by 2016.

The Des Moines Register has updates on local stories and developments throughout Des Moines.

Tow truck and car collision sends three to hospital

A collision between a car and a tow truck left three people injured on Monday.

The accident occurred on Lafayette Road as an 18-year-old driver and two passengers were heading east down the roadway when it collided with a flatbed truck.

The car’s passenger door was caught on the towing equipment of the truck causing it the be ripped off. The car then spun across the lanes of traffic before coming to a stop. The three people in the car were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

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Pigs released on highway after truck accident

A truck accident in Kansas caused fifty pigs to be released onto the roadway. The accident occurred as a truck driver was transporting 720 pigs from Missouri to Iowa.

The truck driver was rounding a curve on on the on ramp of I-435 when the truck overturned and caused the pigs to escape the truck.

The driver was wearing a seat belt and managed to escape without serious injury. Crews came to the scene to try and corral the pigs that were running on the highway. Some pigs were injured and killed as a result of the accident.

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Cattle truck flips into ditch on roadway

According to authorities, a cattle truck overturned on U.S. Highway 59 while hauling 106 animals.

The accident occurred as the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle as he rounded a curve in the roadway and the load shifted. The truck then overturned into a ditch on the side of the roadway.

Three of the cattle were killed as a result of the accident and multiple more escaped. The driver did not suffer serious injury, but he was cited for failure to control the vehicle.

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Three vehicle accident on Higway 2 kills three people

A semi-truck, a pickup truck and a van were all involved in an accident on Highway 2 that killed three people.

According to Iowa State Patrol, the accident occurred four miles east of Corydon when the 59-year-old driver of a semi-truck was heading eastbound on the roadway when he crossed the center line for unknown reasons and struck two oncoming vehicles that were traveling one in front of the other.

The semi-truck flipped over and caught fire as did the pickup truck. The drivers of all three vehicles were killed in the accident. The investigation into the accident is currently underway.

Truck accidents can cause serious injury or worse to any persons involved, our thoughts are with the friends and family of the victim.

Truck driver charged in fatal accident

A truck driver was charged with vehicular homicide after allegedly causing a car v. 18-wheeler accident that killed 24-year-old woman.

Initially, the man was charged with making an unsafe U-turn on Interstate 80 that was connected with the crash. After further investigation, the man was charged with vehicular homicide. The state must prove that the man conducted a move that was so dangerous he had to know that it would cause harm. Theses charges could sentence the man up to 15 year in prison.

After the semi-truck attempted to U-turn across the lanes, the vehicle the victim was riding in, hit the truck and went underneath it. Their car was then hit by an SUV. The woman was pronounced dead 24 hours after the crash.

Semi-truck accidents can change the lives of everyone involved. Our condolences are with the friends and family of the victim.

Semi-truck vs. ambulance accident kills two people

An ambulance and 18-wheeler accident took the life of two people and injured two more on May 13 in Boone County.

The accident occurred when the ambulance was transporting a patient in critical condition to a hospital in Des Moines and rear-ended a semi-truck.

The semi driver saw the ambulance running red lights behind him and tried to pull over to the right but the ambulance also pulled to the right and collided with the truck.

A nurse and the patient being transported were both killed in the accident. A paramedic and ambulance driver were both transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained.

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends who are connected to this accident.

Boone County ambulance accident kills two

According to authorities, an ambulance-truck accident in Boone County on Thursday left two injured and two dead.

The incident happened on Highway 30 near Beaver around 11:30 a.m. A 75-year-old Carroll man was being transported from St. Anthony’s Regional Hospital to another facility.

The ambulance had its emergency lights on and was passing vehicles. When it came behind the semi-trailer truck, the truck driver attempted to move into the right lane to allow the ambulance to pass. The driver of the ambulance moved into the right lane at the same time, crashing into the back of the truck.

Both the 75-year-old patient and a 53-year-old nurse in the ambulance were killed, while a paramedic and the ambulance driver both sustained critical injuries. They were taken to Mercy Medical Center and Greene County Medical Center.

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