2 people hurt in Iowa car crash

Two people were reportedly hurt near Ireton after the vehicle they were riding in went off the road to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reported that a vehicle driven by a 60-year-old woman, together with two passengers, was heading westbound on 420th Street when a vehicle traveling eastbound crossed the median lane. The woman’s vehicle crashed to a ditch after she steered away to avoid a possible head-on collision. The two passengers in her vehicle were reportedly injured in the incident. Authorities are now looking for the vehicle responsible for the crash.

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Downtown Quiznos restaurant hit by drunk driver

A Des Moines man, 31, has been charged with driving under the influence after he drove his car into a downtown Quiznos restaurant.

Early Saturday morning, Des Moines police responded to a call in regards to a car accident at the Quiznos located on 319 Seventh Street. The man had lost control of his vehicle while driving and collided with the building.

A strong odor of alcohol surrounded the driver, and he was unable to walk steadily. He agreed to a breathalyzer test and registered a 0.141. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI and the failure to control his vehicle.

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Car accident kills Iowa State University student

A car accident that took place Sunday night in St. Paul, Minnesota left a 21-year-old Iowa State University student dead.

The accident occurred when the student, a former hockey player, was merging lanes on I-94 when he hit another vehicle causing that vehicle to spin. The student chose to help the individual he hit by getting out of his car and walking over to the other stopped vehicle.

As he was assisting with the other driver, an oncoming car, driven by a 62-year-old man, crashed into him and he was killed instantly. The 62-year-old man is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident and has been charged with a DWI as well as criminal vehicular operation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victim during this difficult time.

Man charged after three children injured in rollover accident

Officials have just finished the investigation on a single-car rollover accident that occurred in late June. As a result of the investigation, the driver of the vehicle has been charged with operating while intoxicated.

The accident occurred as the man was driving east on 140th Street and he lost control of his pickup truck. It then went off the side of the road where she struck a ditch causing the car to flip and roll.

The man and the three children in the vehicle were transported to the hospital to be treated and all injuries were said to be non-life threatening.  The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation crime lab just finished processing the evidence from the night of the accident. He was also charged with three counts of child endangerment.

Teen charged after fatal crash in Cedar Rapids

A 17-year-old teen was charged after a crash in Cedar Rapids that killed a 17-year-old that was riding passenger in the vehicle.

One count of the criminal charges alleges that the teen was driving while under the influence of alcohol and the other states that the accident was caused by reckless driving.

Two other passengers that were in the vehicle were injured, but not seriously. Details of what lead to the accident have not yet been discovered.

Reckless driving can not only harm yourself, but others on the road. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the victim at this time.

Car crashes into delivery truck, injures two

Two people were injured in a car and delivery truck accident in Davenport on Monday night.

According to witnesses the accident occurred as the driver of the car was trying to avoid a stopped car in front of him and swerved into a ditch and then across the parking lot of a gas station until is struck a Lowe’s delivery truck.

The driver of the car and the Lowe’s delivery man were both taken to the hospital after the accident, but the extent of their injuries are not known.

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