Man who confessed on YouTube pleads guilty to fatal accident

The man who posted a YouTube video taking responsibility for a fatal car accident months ago pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and DUI on Wednesday, September 18.

Powell resident Matthew Cordle faces a sentence of 2 to 8 ½ years of imprisonment after accidentally killing Vincent Canzani in a wrong-way car crash on Interstate 670 the night of June 22, 2013. Cordle, 22, pleaded guilty to these criminal charges in a hearing at Franklin County Court.

In his YouTube video, Cordle confessed that he accidentally killed Canzani due to drunk driving and ended his message by asking others not to drink and drive.

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Police step up DUI patrols during Labor Day weekend

Law enforcement officials across the state of Iowa have announced that they will be stepping up their enforcement in order to curb impaired driving.

The “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign began last Thursday and will run through the Labor Day weekend. The highest number of police officers will be on the roadways at night and during weekends because this is when drunk driving most often occurs.

In 2009, there were 96 alcohol-related fatal crashes and police want to cut down on this number. The highest percentage of these crashes involve motorists that LaMarca Law Group, P.C. are between the age 21 and 24.

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Iowa football player charged with drunk driving

Dan Heiar, state defensive lineman, was injured in a single-car accident back in April and has now been charged with drunk driving. Heiar spent several weeks in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

The accident occurred on I-80 around 3 am when Heiar’s truck hit a guardrail and slid down a hill. The car was found upside down with beer cans inside.

He pleaded not guilty in June and will be arraigned on July 29th. Heiar is expected to make a full recovery but will most likely not be able to play for the 2011 season due to his injuries.

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Woman charged with drunk driving with children in the vehicle

A woman has been charged and sentenced for driving drunk with two children in the vehicle.

The incident occurred in November when police spotted the woman driving off the side of the road. Her vehicle then stopped near the 1500 block of 9th Street when it got caught on the railroad tracks.

When police checked her blood alcohol level, it was more than three times the legal limit at 0.242. Part of the woman’s probation prohibits her from entering into any bars or taverns for the next two years.

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Iowa man charged with 6th drunken driving offense

A 40-year-old Iowa man has been charged with his 6th OWI after in incident that occurred last week in Fond du Lac County.

The arrest occurred after a motorist called the State Patrol and said that an SUV was swerving all over the roadway while traveling southbound on Highway 41.

When a trooper located the vehicle, the man was charged with an OWI. A blood sample was taken to determine his blood alcohol level.

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Car collides in Des Moines house

A car crashed into a Des Moines home in the early morning of June 17. A woman was asleep inside when she heard the collision.

A 25-year-old man was driving his Cadillac when he struck the home. The woman inside and her 18-year-old son were asleep and awoke to the noise. They ran into the living room to find a car in their home.

Police were at the scene immediately because they were chasing the man when the collision happened. He was then arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence, eluding police, and driving while having warrants out. The damage to the woman’s house is estimated to be at $30,000.

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Man arrested for drunk driving after crash

A 60-year-old man from Toddville, Iowa was injured in a motorcycle accident and was later arrested for drunk driving.

According to the Sheriff’s department, the man was knocked unconscious after he drove his motorcycle off of the road. The man was driving southbound on Highway 133 around 4 p.m. when he lost control of his motorcycle around a curve in the road. The motorcycle he was riding on was totalled in the incident.

When emergency crews responded to the accident, the man taken to the hospital, but the extent of his injuries are unknown. He was also charged with first offense driving while intoxicated.

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