Weekend car accidents kill 4 in Iowa

Three fatal car accidents left four people dead over the weekend in Iowa. Fatalities resulting from these traffic accidents are currently higher in 2012 than they were at this time last year.

The first accident involved a 77-year-old woman, and her 80-year-old husband, both from Boone. They were headed to a picnic location, with their 15-year-old grandson as their driver. A limo collided with their vehicle, causing the elderly couple to sustain fatal injuries. Two people in the limo were taken to the hospital as well, and one is listed in critical condition.

In Fort Dodge, a teenage girl was killed after she lost control of her vehicle, and was ejected. Another single-vehicle accident claimed the life of a 41-year-old man in Waterloo. He was unable to maintain control of his vehicle on a county road close to Interstate 80.

During this difficult time, our thoughts are with the victims’ families and friends.

NHTSA study finds link between low tire pressure and auto accidents

Worn tires were the focus of a new study carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This study was based on crash data compiled between 2005 and 2007, and it determined that there is a connection between worn out tires with low pressure and car accidents.

Accidents happened three times as often for vehicles with underinflated tires, according to the study. Tires that qualified as “underinflated” were 25 percent below the recommended levels. Worn out tires could also affect the tread life and the handling of a vehicle.

The NHTSA advises the public to manually check their vehicles’ tire pressure each month. This quick check will allow vehicles to function at their best and can help prevent car accidents as well.

Tires can blow out if not properly maintained. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a tire defect, please contact the auto accident lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. by calling 877-327-2600 today.

Full-body scanners to be revealed today at Des Moines airport

The Des Moines auto accident lawyers of have learned that scanners that reveal the outline of a human body are set to be revealed today at the Des Moines airport.

These full-body scanners are considered to be the most recent security technology that has been introduced in the United States. They use technology comprised of millimeters that surround the person inside the capsule, and show if there are any potentially harmful objects on the person.

People who travel frequently have been either strongly opposed to the installation of these scanners or indifferent to them. Some say that it is a violation of their personal privacy, and have refused to step into the scanners in other airports across the country. Others do not mind the scanners, and say that if they help keep them safer when traveling then they have no objection.

To learn more about the specifics of these full-body scanners being revealed in Des Moines, please visit the Des Moines Register today.

Forbes names Des Moines as Best City For Young Professionals

The state capital of Iowa has been named the best city for young professionals to live in, according to Forbes Magazine.

Des Moines, Iowa tops the list due to it’s high ratio of businesses to residents as well as low business costs. There is approximately one large corporation in Des Moines per every 568 residents. This ratio will help job seeking young professionals earn a spot in the business world at a more favorable rate.

Business costs in Des Moines are 16 percent lower than the national average. This drastic difference can be attributed to companies relocating to the area as well as numerous start up companies opening.

The Des Moines accident lawyers of are pleased to learn that the city of Des Moines continues to be prosperous. If you are seeking more information regarding the best cities for young professionals, please visit Forbes.com today.

Teen driver seriously injured in crash with school bus

At 8am on Monday morning, just north of Lebanon in southeast Iowa, a 17 year old male driver collided with a school bus driving on County Road V-64.

The teen was driving southbound on County Road V-64 when he collided with a Van Buren Community school bus travelling northbound driven by Steven J. Duke, 47.  The boy was rushed to Van Buren County Hospital with serious injuries, and was later flown to University Hospitals in Iowa City.

The students on the school bus were taken to Van Buren County Hospital as a precaution. Duke was unharmed and the students did not have serious injuries.

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Iowa City woman taken to hospital after accident

A woman was injured in a Iowa car accident after her vehicle collided with a pickup truck on Highway 1 in Iowa City.

According to police, the accident occurred when the woman was driving her PT Cruiser east on the highway when the pickup truck was pulling out of the driveway and collided with the vehicle.

Police have said that the foggy conditions may have something to do with the accident occurring because it created limited sight for the driver of the pickup. The truck driver did not suffer any major injuries and the extent of the woman’s injuries are unknown at this time.

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Teen ,15, charged after pedestrian accident

A 15-year-old teen has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury after he struck a woman and fled the scene.

The accident occurred as a 72-year-old woman was crossing 27th Street after a football game. She was then struck by the teen while he continued to drive off.

She was then taken to the hospital to be treated for head injuries. The teen later told police that he was pretty sure that it was him that hit the woman because he remembered hearing a “thud” while he was driving.

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