Personal injuries reported in Mason City mishap

A report of Globe Gazette on August 27 revealed that three personal injuries happened in Mason City following a vehicular accident caused by a suspected reckless driver.

Reports coming from the Sheriff’s office in Cerro Gordo County said an eastbound vehicle driven by a 26-year-old woman struck the side of a southbound vehicle driven by a 37-year-old man on Spruce Avenue and 305th Street crossway. Authorities believed that the two-vehicle crash happened after the male driver neglected a stop sign near the intersection. Both drivers and a 25-year-old passenger of the male driver were treated due to injuries they sustained. A baby passenger of the woman was not hurt in the incident, though was evaluated in the hospital. A citation related to reckless driving was given to the male driver. The Iowa State Patrol and Mason Fire crews assisted responding authorities.

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Suspected impaired driver in Waterloo facing charge

A male vehicle driver in Waterloo is facing a charge related to intoxicated driving after the city vehicle he was driving was involved in a two-vehicle accident where another person was injured, an August 10 article for The Courier reported.

Reports said a first-offense OWI charge on July 20 was filed against a 55-year-old animal control employee in Waterloo after his blood sample tested positive of tramadol, nortramadol, and hydrocodone painkillers. The man on June 25 was believed to be impaired by painkillers when he rear-ended another vehicle driven by an 18-year-old. The teenager complained of back injury and was hospitalized after the incident. Citations related to reckless driving and not reporting an accident that resulted in an injury were also given to the city employee.

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Ford and Lincoln recalling almost 830K vehicles with defective door latches

Ford Motor Co. and its division Lincoln Motor Co. are recalling 828,053 vehicles in the U.S. and Mexico due to a door latch problem that may cause harm to occupants, a report of CNBC stated on August 4.

According to reports, the side doors of some models of Ford Escape, C-MAX, Focus, Mustang, Transit Connect, and Lincoln MKC may open during operation when the latches suddenly malfunction. At least one accident and one injury were linked to the door latch issue before the automakers issued the recall. Ford and Lincoln dealers will reportedly notify vehicle owners for the free door latch replacement. Ford reported that they will prioritize recalling vehicles in states with high temperatures. Some 61,371 of the potentially faulty vehicles were sold in Mexico.

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Rider injured in Iowa motorcycle accident

One person was taken to a hospital in Des Moines for treatment of his injuries after being involved in a motorcycle accident in the city of Lehigh, an article of KQWC stated on August 1.

Information coming from the Iowa State Patrol revealed that on July 31 a motorcyclist crashed while riding on 290th Street. The rider, identified as a 34-year-old Clarion resident, reportedly lost control of the motorcycle as he was travelling around a curve. Authorities believed the accident happened after the rider overcorrected and that speeding was not a factor in the crash. The motorcyclist did not exceed the 55 mph speed limit posted on the curve. No other persons were injured in the crash.

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3 hurt in suspected drunken driving crash in Iowa

A recent two-vehicular mishap in O’Brien County resulted to three persons injured and a driver being cited due to suspicion of being under the influence of intoxicants while behind the wheel, a July 29 article in the Sioux City Journal stated.

Reports coming from O’Brien County authorities revealed that at about 10:00 p.m. on July 28 a two-vehicular accident happened near the intersection of Oriole Avenue and 240th Street in the eastern portion of Ashton. A vehicle containing three persons reportedly was struck by a vehicle coming from the southbound lane of Oriole Avenue. The southbound vehicle’s driver was identified as a 27-year-old male from Allendorf. The female driver of the other vehicle and her two passengers were all brought to a hospital due to injuries they sustained. The driver who caused the accident, who attempted to evade authorities and was suspected of OWI, was later apprehended and citations related to the mishap were issued to him.

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