Motorcycle operator hospitalized after Davenport accident

An individual was transported to a hospital on April 16 after a motorcycle accident took place in Davenport, Iowa, an article of KWQC 6 reported.

Information coming from Davenport authorities revealed that a northbound motorcyclist on Brady lost control and crashed after a vehicle turning from Lombard cut the motorcycle off. Statements from witnesses revealed that the two vehicles did not collide. Authorities withheld the identities of the persons involved in the accident while Davenport Police traffic safety personnel are investigating the crash. The drivers’ condition was unknown at the time of the release of the report. Motorcycle enthusiasts in the area remind all motorists to exercise great caution as many people are expected to ride their motorcycles this season.

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2 police among 4 killed in Iowa mishap

Two Des Moines police officers were among the four individuals killed in a two-vehicle accident caused by a wrong-way driver in Iowa, a March 26 article of News Channel 3 reported.

Reports stated a female and a male police officer were on their way to Des Moines to transport a female inmate when their vehicle was crashed into by a vehicle driving in the wrong direction. All of the occupants inside the police vehicle and the driver who caused the collision were killed in the head-on crash. A spokesperson for the Des Moines police stated that the officers had both recently graduated in October and they had been working in the department for several months. In a press conference held hours later after the accident, the police chief, who was saddened by the incident, gave some details to the public. Governor Terry Branstad stated that he will issue an order to lower the flags to half-staff in honor of the lost officers.

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