Iowa family believe relative was a victim of Takata airbag

A family based in Iowa City believes that their relative died in a car accident in Arizona as a result of a defective Takata airbag, reported on December 3.

The Kopf family believes that Charlene Weaver was killed in a vehicular accident in Phoenix after the airbag shot off metal fragments that fractured her skull. Charlene died two days after suffering from the head injury in 2003. The family attempted to file a claim against the companies involved, though they were told at the time that it would be impossible to prove; but now similar cases have been appearing across the country. Charlene’s vehicle reportedly was part of Takata’s recall, though the recall only covered vehicles in areas with high humidity. Charlene’s sister, Kim Kopf, says their family plans to perform their own investigation and will attempt to file a new lawsuit.

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