Des Moines female cop struck by a vehicle

A female police officer was accidentally struck by a vehicle in the 3100 block of 30th Street on the night of March 24.

Des Moines Police said Officer Candice Lassiter was critically injured when paramedics brought her to the hospital after she was struck by a car driven by 49-year-old Cory Wylie. According to reports, Wylie lost control of her vehicle when she accidentally struck Officer Lassiter. Police said Lassiter is awake, did not sustain broken bones, and is in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the reckless or negligent driving behaviors of other drivers all too often lead to serious accidents which affect innocent people. If this has happened to you, call 877-327-2600 to find out what your legal options are. Our legal team at , can discuss your situation with you.

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