Teen driving deaths in Iowa, a growing concern

In the state of Iowa, deaths among 16-to 18-year-old drivers have stayed constant or have slightly increased. The national average for teen driving deaths has decreased, and therefore the slow incline in Iowa teen deaths has become a growing concern.

Several residents believe that teenagers receive their driver’s license before they are actually ready to handle the roads in the state of Iowa. The probability of being involved in a fatal accident doubles when a teenager drives with a passenger. The economic conditions that affect teen drivers being on the roads in other states, including rising prices of gas and scarcity of employment, have not had a positive impact on avoiding teen deaths in Iowa.

There are several recommendations being addressed in the state’s legislature this year that deal with the graduated driver’s license system. Proponents of the changes are hopeful that the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle of a teen with a learner’s permit will be addressed at this time.

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