I-74 bridge acts as crash site for numerous vehicles

Numerous car accidents occurred on the I-74 bridge Sunday night, and almost all can be attributed to the winter weather. A snowstorm swept through the area, leaving one inch of fresh snow in it’s wake, and obstructing drivers’ visibility.

Police in the area said that the calls began around 7 p.m. and lasted until 9:30 p.m. Sunday night. During that time there was a nine car pile-up near the Mississippi River bridge, as well as several other single-car accidents caused by the storm. In the large pile-up, 10 different people sustained injuries of varying degrees.

The National Weather Service reported that the snowstorm had left the area near the I-74 bridge around 10 p.m., and had shifted east of the Quad Cities. There is no snow in the forecast for the week ahead, but police urge Iowa drivers to stay safe while on the road, and to avoid distractions.

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