Forbes releases Best Cities for New Jobs list, Des Moines ranks second

Forbes has just released their list for the Best Cities for New Jobs, and Des Moines, Iowa has come in second place on that list.

The rankings were determined by several factors including; household income, unemployment rate, and potential growth of jobs. Based on these factors, Washington, D.C. was placed at the top of the list. The Washington metropolitan area is expected to add more than 250,000 available jobs by 2016.

Des Moines, Iowa ranked second on the list, largely due to a low unemployment rate, and reasonably high household incomes. The survey that was conducted for the city shows the projected growth of employment in the city to be 8.6 percent. Also, the city’s unemployment rate, 6 percent, is significantly lower than the national average of 8.3 percent, and therefore more individuals are finding work in this metropolitan area.

If you are interested in viewing where other cities ranked on the list, please visit the Forbes website today.

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