Full-body scanners to be revealed today at Des Moines airport

The Des Moines auto accident lawyers of have learned that scanners that reveal the outline of a human body are set to be revealed today at the Des Moines airport.

These full-body scanners are considered to be the most recent security technology that has been introduced in the United States. They use technology comprised of millimeters that surround the person inside the capsule, and show if there are any potentially harmful objects on the person.

People who travel frequently have been either strongly opposed to the installation of these scanners or indifferent to them. Some say that it is a violation of their personal privacy, and have refused to step into the scanners in other airports across the country. Others do not mind the scanners, and say that if they help keep them safer when traveling then they have no objection.

To learn more about the specifics of these full-body scanners being revealed in Des Moines, please visit the Des Moines Register today.

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