Truck driver charged in fatal accident

A truck driver was charged with vehicular homicide after allegedly causing a car v. 18-wheeler accident that killed 24-year-old woman.

Initially, the man was charged with making an unsafe U-turn on Interstate 80 that was connected with the crash. After further investigation, the man was charged with vehicular homicide. The state must prove that the man conducted a move that was so dangerous he had to know that it would cause harm. Theses charges could sentence the man up to 15 year in prison.

After the semi-truck attempted to U-turn across the lanes, the vehicle the victim was riding in, hit the truck and went underneath it. Their car was then hit by an SUV. The woman was pronounced dead 24 hours after the crash.

Semi-truck accidents can change the lives of everyone involved. Our condolences are with the friends and family of the victim.

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