Under-managed Roads

There are times when you share the road with only yourself and yet are still in danger of being involved in a major car accident. How is this so? Many roadways across the United States are left under-managed and create a hostile terrain for drivers.

Roads need to be maintained and up to code, just as the vehicles we drive. For more information regarding under-managed roads and legal compensation available to victims of accidents resulting from such roads, contact the Des Moines car accident attorneys of today at 877-327-2600.

Dangerous Road Conditions

One of the most nightmarish events a person can face occurs when he or she loses control of a vehicle due to negligent road conditions. Some dangerous road conditions drivers may face include:

  • Uneven pavement: Dips in the roads can cause tire punctures, transmission failure, brake failure, or even cause a car to collide with the ground.
  • Potholes: Just like uneven pavement, these holes cause damage to vehicles and are especially hazardous to motorcyclists.
  • Debris: Cargo or trash that has fallen off other vehicles and large dead animals on the roads can cause a collision, especially at night.
  • Lack of signage or non-visible signage: Signs are necessary in warning drivers of dangers ahead such as: winding roads, speed limits, construction zones, wet roads, areas with minimal visibility, and pedestrian crossings.

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