The Truth about Hands Free Cell Phone Safety

Hands-free technology seems to be incorporated into every new car that comes off the assembly line, and car manufacturers have been quick to tout the comparative safety of using these devices for cell phone communication. States like California and Washington have passed cell phone bans which have specific exemptions for hands-free devices, reinforcing the perception of the technology as a safe alternative to holding a phone to your ear while you drive.

In truth, little difference in driver safety exists between users of handheld and hands free devices. The distraction which impairs driving ability is the conversation itself, not physically manipulating a phone.

Hands Free Facts

Traffic scientists have studied the subject exhaustively, and have shown time and again that a driver using hands free technology to talk on a cell phone is effectively just as impaired as a driver holding the phone to their ear to make a call. The findings have shown that;

  • Combining the task of listening with normal driving causes drivers to become 50% more likely to drift off the road into the shoulder.
  • The parietal lobe of the brain shows a 40% decrease in activity when the conversation centers of the brain are engaged while driving.
  • For the duration of a cell phone call and for ten minutes afterwards, drivers are four times as likely to be involved in an accident.
  • An intoxicated driver actually reacts 18% faster to vehicles braking in front of them than a driver on the phone, hands free or otherwise.

This data makes it clear that the perceived safety of using a hands free device is an illusion, and driver distraction continues regardless of the technology used to make a call.

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