Street Racing Accidents

We have all either seen or heard the screeching tires of a vehicle moving from 0 to 60mph in less than 5 seconds. Most of the time it is on television or in the racing stands of an event. However, some people take this same regulated sport and bring it outside onto the roads that everybody uses. On average, a hundred people die each year from racing accidents.

Dangers of High Speeds

The biggest threat of racing is the high speeds at which racers drive. Some racers may exceed 100 miles per hour. Cars become harder to control when drivers exceed speeds over 80 miles per hour. If a driver makes a sudden turn at 100 miles per hour to avoid an accident, it become almost impossible for him or her to regain control and brake in time to avoid a collision.

Unexpected Road Conditions

Racers normally drive in one direction – straight ahead. Pedestrians, animals, and other drivers are completely capable of crossing the road or getting onto a road while a racer is coming from behind. Racers may not see these objects in time or may try to avoid them, which becomes extremely difficult at high speeds. Even if the driver of the racing car decides to brake, he or she has extremely minimal time to do so in order to avoid an accident.

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