Special Event Parking

Couples, families, and even individuals treat themselves periodically to special events. Whether it is as a reward or an anniversary, these occasions are supposed to be the highlights of one’s week, month, or even year. Unfortunately, when large crowds and cramped parking lots are the first welcome that one receives, the celebration can get off to a disheartening beginning.

If you have been in an accident caused by a driver who failed to observe appropriate behaviors in the rush for parking, you may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit. A successful claim can help you to secure financial compensation for vehicle repairs and other expenses. Contact the Des Moines car accident lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. by calling 877-327-2600 today to learn more about your legal rights.

Typical Event Parking Errors

It is easy to make mistakes while driving and parking at a special event. There is likely to be more traffic than one is accustomed to, so patience becomes tremendously important. Regrettably, this is not a trait that is always on display. The following are negligent and reckless actions that people take while jockeying for the best parking spots, possibly leading to a collision:

  • Competitive maneuvering
  • Cutting off other drivers
  • Accelerating too quickly for the confined space
  • Backing up without adequately scanning the surroundings

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Though a negligent driver may have ruined your special event, you can hold them accountable for the harm that you have suffered. Contact the Des Moines car accident attorneys of , at 877-327-2600 for a free consultation.

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