Road Hazards

Every time a person gets on the road, whether driving in a car or walking across the street, he or she runs the risk of being involved with road hazards in one way or another. A road hazard is any kind of vehicle, pedestrian, or condition on the road that has the potential to cause injury or death.

There are two categories of road hazards: high-risk and low-risk. Low-risk hazards allow drivers enough time to avoid an accident and are not as dangerous as high-risk road hazards. High-risk road hazards are objects or situations that have the potential to cause serious injury or death. A pedestrian waiting for a crosswalk light is a low-risk hazard, but the moment a pedestrian decides to jaywalk he or she becomes an easy target on the road and can be classified as a high-risk road hazard.

Of all the recommendations for preventing an accident due to a road hazard, being observant of road conditions is by far the most important. A road hazard that is seen or sensed far ahead of time is more likely to end much better than a road hazard that is not.

Common Road Hazards

The following are a few common road hazards that all drivers should be aware of:

  • Vehicles with limited sight range: Big trucks such as 18-wheelers have big “blind spots” and have trouble seeing vehicles on the opposite lane.
  • Pedestrians: Any person crossing the street runs the risk of being hit by a vehicle.
  • Reckless drivers: Drivers who do not follow the law or respect others on the road are a danger to everyone.
  • Foreign objects: Any items that may have fallen out of another vehicle or crossed into the street can puncture tires, force fast swerving, or can reduce a driver’s vision.
  • Construction zones: A common area for both workers as well as uneven roads. These are both high-risk road hazards.

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