Protecting Pedestrians

Driving in crowded urban environments can be very stressful for motorists. Stop-and-go traffic can test a person’s nerves and also greatly increase the risk of a fender-bender, so it is expected that drivers remain particularly cautious in these areas. Unfortunately, we often forget to think about one of the gravest threats of driving in the city: hitting a pedestrian.

While all accidents are bad, for obvious reasons, an accident involving a pedestrian has a much larger risk of seriously injuring or killing someone than a collision that only involves vehicles. Drivers have a responsibility to put the safety of pedestrians at the top of their priority list, and must constantly be aware of the possibility that a walker or runner could enter the roadway at any time.

Tips for Keeping Pedestrians Safe

Many of the things that will help a driver keep pedestrians safe are the same things that will make a driver safe behind the wheel in general. Still, there are certain times and situations where a motorist must be particularly aware of people on foot. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Approach crosswalks carefully and slowly
  • Check all blind spots and back up slowly
  • Slow down around stopped buses and bus stops
  • Keep your windshield clean
  • Be careful making left turns

Simply put, drivers must remain as aware as possible at all times in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

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