Pothole Accidents

Potholes are often overlooked as a cause of auto accidents because they are such a common consequence of fluctuations in the weather and subtle shifts in the ground. However, after the stretch of cold weather during winter, roadways are highly susceptible to the development of these hazards, and motorists are more likely to have an accident due to the forming or worsening of potholes.

If you have been the victim of an auto accident because of a pothole, a municipality may be liable for the damages incurred. Contact the Des Moines car accident attorneys of , at 877-327-2600 to speak to an experienced legal representative about your options.

Damage from Potholes

Potholes can range from a minimal indentation to a hole that is several inches deep. Cars can absorb the damage from these hazards in many ways. Some of the damage caused by potholes includes:

  • Premature wearing of suspension
  • Damage to steering components
  • Tires becoming unaligned
  • Wear and tear of tires
  • Damage to shock absorbers
  • Damage to lower engine and undercarriage

Potholes are a safety hazard that must be addressed before they are big enough to cause serious damage. Unfortunately, potholes are often left unrepaired on busy roadways, creating a serious safety hazard for innocent drivers and passengers.

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