Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, drivers of motorcycles are far more likely to die or be injured in an accident than those driving in other vehicles. After suffering a devastating motorcycle accident, victims can be left to deal with costly medical bills, time off work, and considerable pain and suffering.

The three main threats to motorcyclists are:

  • Absence of a safe enclosure: Most car drivers have the luxury of being enclosed in a steel cage inside of their vehicle. Also, airbags can deploy during an accident, which will usually keep the driver from projecting forward into the steering wheel. When motorcyclists hit an object, they will usually project in the opposite direction of impact.
  • Minimal visibility on the road: Drivers are used to focusing on other large vehicles on the road. If it is not incredibly apparent that a normal sized vehicle is in front of them, many drivers will be unable to focus with enough time to prevent an accident.
  • Balance: Since a motorcycle operates on two wheels, it poses a greater threat than cars that can spread out on the road on four wheels. When a driver is forced to brake suddenly due to a reckless driver or road hazard, his or her vehicle may start to wobble and become unstable. This can cause the front wheel to eventually become perpendicular to the road and cause serious injury.

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