How to Respond After a Bike Crash

Whenever an accident occurs involving a car and a bicycle the potential for serious injury is extremely high, owing to the vast discrepancy in mass and the vulnerable nature of an unprotected cyclist. In the confusion of the minutes following a wreck, it can be easy for an injured cyclist to make uninformed decisions that later make it difficult to secure compensation.

If you are involved in a car wreck caused by a negligent driver, your first concern should always be your personal welfare. Take stock of your injuries and make the decision to call for emergency medical attention if necessary. Once you have made arrangements to ensure your safety, the best course of action is to take steps that will help ease the process of making a claim later on.

Five Simple Steps

One of the easiest mistakes to make is agreeing to settle outside of the insurance system, which makes it far too easy for an unscrupulous driver to avoid their financial responsibility for the effects of a crash. Protect yourself by taking the following steps:

  1. Call the police. An accident report goes a long way towards establishing the facts of a case. Even if your injuries appear minor, you may be suffering from internal injuries you are not yet aware yet which will cause the claim to become more contentious later.
  2. Get your account of the incident into the accident report. If only the driver’s side of the story is included, you may be at a disadvantage.
  3. Obtain relevant contact information. In addition to gathering the driver’s insurance and contact information, it can be very helpful to secure contact information for any available witnesses.
  4. Document the accident. Write down your full recollection of the events for future reference, and take stock of any injuries you have sustained.
  5. Seek the advice of an attorney. A legal professional can advise you how best to proceed with your claim, and what to avoid saying to insurance adjusters.

While the majority of accidents can be resolved quickly and amicably through an insurance claim, a lawsuit may be necessary to recover full compensation for your injuries.

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