How to Avoid Collisions with Deer

High speed collisions with deer can be disastrous for any motorist, and can easily become multiple car affairs when drivers are behaving recklessly. The only sure way to remove the risk of deer collisions is to avoid forested areas and poorly lit highways, but extenuating circumstances such as drought and habitat destruction can force deer populations into urban areas as well, so it is important for drivers to always act safely and cautiously when behind the wheel.

Safety Tips

All it takes is a few simple changes in driving behavior to vastly reduce the risk of serious collisions with deer. Follow these steps to keep yourself and those around you safe:

  • Heed the highway warning signs. The images of jumping deer are not meant to provide country charm to the highway, but to warn drivers that they are entering an area heavy in deer traffic.
  • Manage your speed. The safest way to avoid a deer on the road is to brake firmly and stop before hitting it. To this end, it is important you ensure that you can stop within the space illuminated by your headlights.
  • Pay extra attention at dusk and dawn. Deer are most active from sunset to midnight, and then become active again around dawn.
  • Fight the urge to swerve. Even when traveling at a speed that allows you to stop safely, the urge to swerve can be powerful. It is vital to be aware of other motorists sharing the roadway and ensue that your actions do not put others at risk.

When drivers do not take the proper precautions to avoid deer collisions, they put everyone on the road in harm’s way.

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