Hazards of 15 Passenger Vans

Organizations all around the country regularly employ 15 passenger vans as a way to move groups of people from one place to another when a full-sized bus is not needed. Schools, church groups, daycares, airports, hotels, and many others rely on these large vans on a daily basis. Unfortunately, 15 passenger vans have been shown to be among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. They are much more likely to be involved in catastrophic roll-over accidents than are other vehicles.

Despite the fact that many serious accidents involving 15 passenger vans have made news reports over the years, these vehicles continue to be produced and used. If an accident involving the negligent design or use of a van leads to injury or death, the experienced Des Moines car accident attorneys of , can help determine if an outside party may be liable for damages. To learn more, contact us today at 877-327-2600.

Potential Causes of Van Rollovers

There are two main reasons that 15 passenger vans roll more often than other vehicles. First, they have a high center of gravity. As more passengers enter the vehicle, they become more and more top heavy and thus, they are more prone to becoming unstable and rolling over. Second, despite employing a standard-length wheel base, 15 passenger vans have passenger cabins that extend far behind the rear axle. This creates imbalance, and the rear of the van can wing out if the driver must swerve to avoid an obstacle.

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