Driving and Personal Music Players

People’s access to music has come a long way, even in the past fifteen years. First, people were able to access their personal music collection digitally through their computers. As these music libraries grew, the personal music player became a necessity, and now sidewalks are peppered with pedestrians with ear buds in their ears and access to thousands of songs at the touch of a button. This is all made possible by personal music players and now smartphones.

However, trouble arises when a person takes the habit of headphone usage with them when they get behind the wheel. It is important for drivers to be able to hear honks and emergency sirens around them in order to avoid accidents. If you have been an accident caused by a reckless and inattentive driver wearing headphones or earbuds, contact the Des Moines reckless driver attorneys of , at 877-327-2600 today.

The Dangers of Headphones

Many people enjoy listening to music while they are driving. It is a very different thing, however, to have music surrounding you from the speakers in your car versus a device that is in your ears or covers your ears. Below are just a few of the important sounds that drivers need to hear which might be blocked by headphones:

  • Train horns and train crossing signals
  • Emergency vehicle sirens
  • Car and truck horns
  • Crosswalk sounds

Although it may be tempting to access your personal music device via headphones while driving, investing in the necessary adapter or transmitter so you can listen in your car while still being as aware of your surroundings is important. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is this careful, which can result in accidents.

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