Distractions behind the Wheel

There are many different things that can distract a driver and keep him or her from being safe on the road. Distracted drivers tend to be the cause of many vehicular accidents due to their dangerous inattentiveness. When someone focuses on something else besides the conditions of the road, others on the road, and their personal driving habits, there is always risk for an accident.

Some of the biggest distractions that cause accidents:

  • Grooming one’s self: Many times when people are in a rush to get to a destination they apply makeup or do a quick shave in the car. This often results in a lot of time spent looking in mirror—time which should be spent watching the road.
  • Cell phone conversations: When a conversation becomes more important than a large piece of steel covering miles and miles of highway in minutes, the priorities of a driver are off. People can become distracted by what they are hearing and less focused on what they are seeing.
  • Texting: Just like grooming and cell phone conversations, this forces the driver to pay more attention to a conversation than the road.
  • Loud music: Music has the ability to create a mood that juxtaposes the environment outside of a vehicle. If music is set to a high volume, it can be entrancing and can make the driver forget what is on the road.
  • Eating: Eating requires using your hands somewhere else besides the wheel and forces someone to concentrate on eating food and not on observing the road.

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