Defensive Driving

If you have been driving and have witnessed someone driving his or her car extremely fast on a turn or if you have seen someone brake suddenly before hitting an obstacle, then you have witnessed an aggressive driver. Even though he or she might not have intentionally tried to cause these scenarios to happen, he or she was inattentive and waited until the last possible moment to make the right move.

If when you drive you are constantly aware of your environment, are constantly focused on the task at hand – driving, and watch for other drivers to ensure your own safety on the road, then you are a defensive driver. Defensive driving is the practice of using specific driving concepts to drive defensively.

Defenses Drivers are

  • Focused on the road and where they are. This can mean being aware of the roads you are driving on, the signs, speed limits, other vehicles in the area, or constantly viewing your mirrors. Good defensive drivers limit or prohibit their cell phone conversations, texting, eating, talking to passengers, or other potential distractions to focusing on the road.
  • Constantly alert. There are a number of things that can inhibit your reaction time in the event of an oncoming accident. Practicing defensive driving includes getting plenty of sleep and staying away from drugs, alcohol, and any kind of substances or practices that may keep you from making a good and split-second judgment.
  • Aware of other drivers. This is what keeps most people safe from aggressive drivers. Keeping your foot over the brake and questioning another driver’s intentions and actions will keep you safe on the road.

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