Defective Headlights

Driving at night is more dangerous than daytime driving, even under the best circumstances. It is harder to see and drivers have less time to react to potential hazards. If a vehicle has been manufactured with defective headlights, driving in the dark is even more dangerous. In areas without adequate street lighting, headlamps may be the only way drivers can see the road at all, so defects can quite literally become a matter of life and death.

In recent history, there has been a rash of negligent manufacturing, leading to drivers having to replace faulty and malfunctioning headlights. Undoubtedly, many drivers were put at undue risk because of the oversights of carmakers, and unfortunately, similar situations will arise in the future, as well.

Dangers of Defects

The first image that comes to mind with headlight defects is complete failure, when a driver’s lights go completely dark while he or she is driving down the road. If this happens, the vehicle is much more likely to hit an obstacle on the road, whether it is a pothole, a parked car, or a jogger. Headlamps that LaMarca Law Group, P.C. are too bright or misaligned can also be considered defective, and can blind oncoming traffic. If approaching drivers have their vision compromised, there is an increased risk for catastrophic head-on collisions.

If no wreck is caused by a defective headlight system, there can still be unfortunate consequences for owners. Some high-end headlights may cost over a thousand dollars to replace, creating serious financial strain, especially if the repairs are not covered by insurance.

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