Dangers of Poorly Trained Truck Drivers

Operating heavy machinery and vehicles requires a skill that must be mastered before going out on the road. Truck drivers must be trained on the laws regarding their profession, how to safely control their vehicles, and how to avoid accidents during long trips. When drivers are not fully prepared for the demands of their job, they can put themselves and other motorists in danger.

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Consequences of Failure to Train

18-wheelers are very different from passenger vehicles. Because of their size, they require careful handling on the road, are slow to react to braking or acceleration, have a unique center of balance, and have large blind spots. Drivers require their own licenses and certifications to be allowed to operate trucks over a certain weight. When hired by a trucking company, drivers should be fully trained on the specifics of their vehicle and the regulations associated with their job.

Improper truck driver training may lead to:

  • Inability to properly select and change gears
  • Unsafe handling of truck
  • Poor distribution of weight which may lead to lack of control of the 18-wheeler
  • Lack of preparation for emergency situations
  • Poor judgment on braking, turning, and maneuvering.

A lack of training can lead to many types of driver error, which puts the safety of many innocent individuals at risk.

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If you or a loved one has suffered in an auto accident because of trucking company negligence, contact the Des Moines truck accident attorney of , at 877-327-2600 to find out information about your rights as a victim.

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