Dangers of Large Trucks

If you have ever felt unsafe near a large truck or 18-wheeler it may be due to several factors. Semi trucks have been involved in at least 12% of deaths on the road in the United States. Since so many accidents involve large trucks or 18-wheelers, it is important to implement a few driving habits into your routine in order to prevent getting into an accident with a large truck.

Non-commercial Driver Safety

When driving near a large truck, make sure to keep your distance in front of and to the side of the vehicle. Truck drivers do not have the same blind spot visibility that non-commercial drivers have. Remember, if you cannot see the truck driver, he or she cannot see you.

Make sure to also never pull your vehicle directly in front of a large truck and make sure that the truck driver never tailgates your vehicle. Large vehicles cannot brake at the same short distance as smaller vehicles due to their massive weight.

Truck Driver Safety

Most truck drivers are aware of what they face every day on the road. However, truck drivers should also be reminded of cautious driving habits in order to keep everybody safe on the road.

Get plenty of sleep and avoid drugs and alcohol. Being unable to focus on the road or other drivers significantly increases the likelihood of creating an accident. Pay attention to all road conditions, including other drivers and weather conditions. Lastly, do not exhibit any aggressive or negligent driving behaviors.

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