Brake Failure

Imagine that you are going 40 miles per hour down a busy street and a light turns yellow, then red, and all of a sudden you cannot stop your car. Brake failure is a serious problem that causes numerous accidents each year. Many times mechanics or brake service companies are responsible for accidents involving brake failure, except in instances where the owner of the vehicle failed to maintain his or her brakes or when manufacturers distribute a faulty brake product or system.

Someone is always responsible for an accident involving brake failure. For more information on brake failure and legal assistance available to victims of accidents that occur as a result, contact the Des Moines car accident attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at 877-327-2600.

Causes of Brake Failure

There are a number of reasons that an accident involving brake failure occurs. Some instances of brake failure are a result of brake service employees failing to adjust or tune-up the brake system correctly. Among the most common causes of accidents due to negligent brake service are leaky brake lines and greasy brake pads.

When a brake line leaks, so does the pressure needed to move the fluid through the brake system. This means that no matter how much you push down on the brake pedal, the car will not stop. And if a mechanic leaves grease or oil on the brake pads, then the drum brakes will lose friction and could fail to stop your moving car.

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