Sharing the Road with Cyclists

In a world that is more and more concerned with being “green” and countering the high prices of gas, the number of people commuting to work and school on a bicycle has been steadily increasing. This means that situations where motorists and cyclists must share the road are becoming more common, especially in urban areas. This can create a very dangerous environment, unless all parties are very careful and take measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

Tips for Cyclists:

These are some things cyclists can do to make sure they are protecting themselves from the dangers of the road:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • If riding after dark, use bright front and rear lights.
  • Ride in the right lane.
  • Take advantage of marked bike lanes.
  • Follow all traffic laws and regulations.

Tips for Drivers:

Motorists need to take special care to avoid seriously injuring cyclists:

  • Do not follow cyclists too closely.
  • Check and double check your passenger-side blind spot before taking a right turn.
  • When parking on the street, check your mirrors before opening your door.
  • Make sure to leave plenty of room when passing a cyclist and completely change lanes if at all possible.
  • Never drive or park in a bike line.

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