Avoiding a Skid-Related Accident

The one thing you should always have when behind the wheel is control over your vehicle. While driving, there are certain practices you should always employ to make sure that you are fully in control of your vehicle. These become even more important in wet or icy weather so that you can avoid a dangerous skid accident.

If you have ever witnessed a car slide across the road in a direction opposite of the vehicle’s tire direction, then you have witnessed a skid. A skid happens when a vehicle’s wheels are not able to grip the road and the vehicle is still moving at a constant speed, usually involving the driver attempting to regain control of the vehicle.

Some important tips to keep in mind that can help you avoid a skid-related accident in inclement weather include:

  • Drive slower than you normally would if it seems the weather will have an affect on the road.
  • Do not abruptly accelerate or brake. The vehicle’s tires will lock and the tire tread will not be able to grip the road. This is true for all road and weather conditions.
  • Make slow and wider turns if you can. This will help the tire grip the road and help you avoid skidding into the opposite lane or into another vehicle.
  • Know the conditions of the road. If you are driving in an area that has experienced little or no rainfall in a long period of time and it experiences a sudden downpour, drive slower. Grease and oil will mix with water and cause even slicker roads. Other dangers include wet and icy roads.

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